Enriching Community

Some describe the production industry as a ‘village community’. We enjoy connecting and creating platforms to meet people, share knowledge and grow. Keep a sharp eye out for events that are geared to enhance skill, build confidence and establish friendships.

  • Halloween Party

    Abandon all hope ye who enter here. Our annual halloween festival is upon us. Your only hope is to sing for survival, dress to impress fellow frightful fiends, or drink themed cocktail potions. If you are unlucky enough to be invited, may god hath mercy upon your soul. If you are deranged enough to wish to meet your doom….then please register your morbid fascination.

    Date: 27 Oct 2023

  • Camera Trainee Workshop

    Focus Canning are thrilled to host workshops for underrepresented groups in the camera department.  Delivered by Lou x Samara, these workshops are tailored to provide opportunity for Black & POC women, trans & non-binary folks, queer folk and disabled folk. The goal is to equip every cohort with the skills and confidence to enter the film industry as a Camera Trainee.  Sign up links and information will always be posted through Lou and Samara’s socials: @lou_macnamara & @cinesamara. Stay in touch to find out about the next one!

    Date: Next date to be confirmed