Heritage Designs


The most significant departures from established lens design are our unique focus movement and the forward placement of iris control.

Our patented Tensegrity Coil movement has been refined over the past 40 years and is spring loaded- therefore self maintaining. It embodies the principle developed by the architect, designer and inventor Buckminster Fuller who theorised over ‘tensional integrity’ or ‘floating compression’.

The optics follow along a variable pitch which compresses the near focus rotational. The result is a significantly improved close focus.

The front placement of iris control is to provide the camera department with faster and clearer access and line of sight to the iris control and scale markings.

Our designs were conceived to accommodate the widest possible variety of optics from full frame down to 16mm. This enables us to freely utilise any optical combination with just a few unique components. Our long term vision is ‘hybrid optics’ for truly unique images.