Working Glass Hero

Welcome to No.9 Optics, the home of Focus Canning proprietary cine lens projects, a culmination of 40 years of opto-mechanical design and refinement spearheaded by Focus Canning’s Head of Optical Engineering Edward Koehler.

Ethos of No.9

We aim to support the renaissance of vintage optics and enhance the aesthetic palette for cinematographers in this digital era.  Liberating latent creativity and shaping images where words fail is at the very heart of our ethos.

Design of No.9

Elegant design involves careful consideration of all aspects of a system from performance to feel and finish. See how our design differs significantly from other existing approaches and the motivations behind these decisions.  

Current Projects

Updates as No.9 projects progress from refurbishment of original donor lenses to the design of unique components and the manufacturing of new components. Check here for news on what’s to come including lens history and what we have planned for them.