The Way

we roll

Focus Canning is a collective of camera purists where old school values fuse with progressive intent.

We believe foremost in the power of people. We nurture and we grow. Our team sheet is made up of seasoned veterans and trusted faces, many of whom have been part of the Focus Canning family since our dawn.

We are fiercely independent and try to go about our work with imagination and flair. We have the agility to move nimbly, but have the scale and back-end to ‘punch with the heavyweights’.

We have, and always will play the long game as we pursue innovation. Our ultimate aims are to enrich the creative power of cinematographers whilst making life as easy as possible for the Camera Department- a marginal gain here, and a marginal gain there. No half measures.

Doing the
Little Big
Things’ Right

Getting the ‘little big things’ right makes us proud to have earned the love and respect of our production colleagues. We are grateful to our community for the reputation they have awarded us. We will continue to uphold our promise to keep listening and play our part in helping our production partners creative dreams come true.