& Musings

  • olympus om’s en route

    We are very excited to have our first Olympus OM set in production by No.9 Optics and seeing how much we can improve the close focus via our Tensegrity focus movement.

  • AsTro Berlins in development

    In in-house team at No.9 Optics are in the process of building the worlds first rehoused Astro Berlin set.  This extremely rare glass caught the imaginations of so many cinematographers at the 2024 BSC Expo. One down, seven to go!

  • Barista grade coffee at Focus Canning

    At Focus Canning we are coffee nuts so the team were buzzing with new coffee machines at both sites. Prepping camera crew: treat yourselves to unlimited (de)caffeinated art. Our Victoria Arduino machines are the talk of the toon.

  • Fisheye Fun

    To complement the Mamiya 645 set comes the 17mm fisheye which covers the Alexa LF at open gate. TLS have continued a Mamiya love story with also speed boosting a 24mm.