& Musings

  • Barista grade coffee at Focus Canning

    At Focus Canning we are coffee nuts so the team were buzzing with new coffee machines at both sites. Prepping camera crew: treat yourselves to unlimited (de)caffeinated art. Our Victoria Arduino machines are the talk of the toon.

  • Camera workshops

    In January we hosted the 4th workshop for the next generation of Camera Trainees. It’s been wonderful to witness the genesis of new careers in the camera department and we really can’t wait to see members of all cohorts prepping at Focus Canning.

  • Looking fly!

    To mark the launch of our new look we have decided to dress sharp and swag it up. Do ye have what it takes to feel pretty in pink?

  • Reaching Boiling Point

    We are thrilled to collaborate on the TV series of the cult classic movie starring Stephen Graham. Shot on two Sony Venices and Tribe7 Blackwings, cinematographer Matt Lewis once again teams up with Director and Producer Phil Barantini. Watch the movie for a taster of what’s to come.

  • Fisheye Fun

    To complement the Mamiya 645 set comes the 17mm fisheye which covers the Alexa LF at open gate. TLS have continued a Mamiya love story with also speed boosting a 24mm.

  • Where Am I?

    Do things look different around here? Indeed, this was the last place you checked for Focus24. And yes, this is last place you checked for Canning24 too. So what’s the story?

  • Breeders

    Starring Martin Freeman and Daisy Haggard Breeders is breeding again. Over the next few months we are supporting the fourth season with Sony Venice cameras and Cooke S4 lenses for cinematographer Stephen Ferguson.

  • Cyclops- POV game changing

    We had a lot of fun collaborating with Cyclops designer and cinematographer James Medcraft in bringing POV filming to higher ground.