Way back when

Focus Canning is the coming together of two underdog stories. In the autumn of 2019, TV Drama gunslinger ‘Picture Canning’ combined with commercials maverick ‘Focus24’ to serve our merged audience a dramatically enhanced version of what they already knew and appreciated. How did we get here, and why?


Jamie Hutchinson once an employee of ‘The Picture Canning Company’, purchased the company from retiring legends of the game, Les & Phil- its founding fathers in 1985. The mark a new dawn the famous name to simplified to ‘Picture Canning’.


Ben Mitchell founded ‘Focus24’ with an obsessive emphasis on high spec and critically designed camera products. Through the years, Focus24 established itself among the most respected players for its larger company abilities and smaller company bedside manner. However it was Focus24’s thirst for innovation that captured imaginations.

Ben and Jamie steadfastly built their reputations on many 18 hour days and a lot of caffeine in these early years. Despite the physical hours normalising, passions were applied to building winning teams to help ‘Focus’ and ‘Canning’ drive forward on their individual paths.

The Storm Before
The Calm


Focus24 was now a firm fixture in the commercials world. Against all odds, Picture Canning was supporting major television series.

Although being at opposite ends of the production jungle, it was obvious ‘Focus’ and ‘Canning’ shared a common philosophy. In the autumn of 2019, Ben and Jamie seized the opportunity to fuse experience, resource and battleground scars for a richer experience for their loyal following.

It was like old times, arriving for work in the small hours to build something- not new, but better. Suddenly we were part of a larger world. The days were long and intense but the stars aligned for an exciting new chapter. And then?


The C**ID-19 pandemic was unleashed upon the world and every camera stopped rolling. We suddenly had time on our hands. How will our united gang be presented to the world? There were two names, two websites, two social media channels, and two everything else. But pandemic survival stole the show with company wallpaper needing to take a backseat.


Discussions over names with some ‘company family’ were interesting. “How can you drop Focus24, even just the logo is too iconic!”. “The world Canning has been part of the north since 1985 so that’s going nowhere”. The people had spoken. Two finally becomes one in 2023 and Focus Canning was born.